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Miniature painter jobs

By | 15.07.2020

miniature painter jobs

Often these are accompanied by a companion PDF. Skip navigation.

miniature painter jobs

Select a membership level. Patron of Paint! Paint Warrior! Show more. I love to paint and I love to talk about paint, and that's why we're here!

Affordable quality.

Reaper Miniatures hired me on over fifteen years ago to be their in-house staff painter, and also to create a new paint line for them. In my job for them, I concept and name the colors, create the initial formulas and batches, and mix Master Series Paint from the ground up on a day-to-day basis. I like to talk about paint and painting. I like to talk about it a LOT.

But seriously… I get a lot of questions about the paint. Not just about color choices, but about which colors go together, why the paint acts the way it does, and the best ways to utilize it for this or that technique.

I love to teach. Painting and paint chemistry are my passions. This Patreon is a cool, interactive way for me to finally answer all of your questions! In addition to that, I'm a well-known miniature painter who loves to get people engaged in the hobby I love.

This Patreon lets me reach more people on my own time, teach you guys the way I most enjoy doing it, and create an artistic community that everyone can enjoy, all at once! I'm super-excited about it! Your basic tier gets you access to either a short video or a PDF with exclusive Work-in-Progress photos of either one of my current projects or a one-off tutorial subject.

The subsequent tier goes more in-depth on the paint and how it acts and reacts. Color interactions, some basic paint chemistry, breakdowns on specific colors—all the stuff I really love to talk about! These will include more photos, PDFs, and videos. Since I'll have more time to spend on these, it's likely to include more info on my creative process as I approach a piece, and details on how I fix my inevitable mistakes. In addition, this tier and above are the first people to get the word if one of my finished pieces is for sale, which does happen from time to time.

I'd also like to get a really good video editor and learn to use it, which takes time.

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My goal is to continually reach out to you guys for feedback in order to offer the content that you most want to see. Ideally everyone learns something valuable from this—me included!

I also really enjoy encouraging painters who want to reach a competitive level. I believe strongly that the only thing between any of us and the realization of our painting goals is the amount of love and time we want to put into it. Okay, this is where I can start looking at upgrading my videos! I'd like to look at really good cameras, get some good video-editing software and invest the time in learning how to make my videos that much better.

I'd also like to start doing a companion PDF for almost every video, which takes time. Every dollar I make on Patreon is fewer commissions I need to do and more free time to make stuff better for all of us! Become a patron to Recent posts by PaintingBig. How it works. Choose a membership. Add a payment method.Paintedfigs is the largest dedicated fantasy miniature painting service in the world.

Sinceour team of painters and builders have made us a leader in quality, service, and especially cost. See thousands of images of our minature painting. You can see them in our gallery. These are not special exhibition images, but what we do every day for our clients.

See what our clients say about us. You can see what they said, and what we painted for them. Hear what a credible news source has to say about us; our interview with The D6 Generation. Sign In My Account. Gallery: See our Painting. Star Wars Miniature Painting. Board Games Miniature Painting. Reaper Miniature Painting. Other Fantasy Miniature Painting.

Infinity Miniature Painting. Quality Explained. I'm On a Budget. I Want Great Looking Minis. I Want Something Awesome. As of End High Quality See thousands of images of our minature painting.

Thousands of Clients since See what our clients say about us. See Our Painting. A minute of your time could save you hundreds of dollars.See, typically their videos which are great show you how to paint a model. My goal is to keep them short and sweet. However, do be sure to read on as well since I tend to write better than I speak. We all start somewhere with painting and duplicating what we see on the box, or what someone else did is common. However, at some point, if you want to grow as a painter, you have to forge your own path.

You have to do something you came up with, not follow the work of others. Every painter admires the work of other painters. We also look to others for inspiration and ideas.

The miniature painting community is full of amazing work. Leave it at that though, admiration and inspiration. Taking the time to understand the fundamentals of your hobby is crucial to expanding as a painter.

You are armed with information so that you can make your own decisions regarding color theory. This will take you so much further as a painter than being told to do X or Y. Speaking of, Dave has a great set of articles he did on color theory over on Wargaming Tradecraft. Bringing tip 1 and 2 together is this. Find painters you admire and ask them why they did what they did, not how.

Try and get inside the mind of an artist and learn why they made the choices they did. Understanding the thought process of painters will help you formulate your own process, concepts, and ideas. If you want to become a better miniature painter then you constantly need to be pushing yourself into uncharted territory. Try those techniques you feel are too difficult. Never settle for good enough. Get good at a technique and then move on to another.

If you need a hand, then check out the various tutorials I have here on things like using washes and glazing to get some nice subtle effects, or learning how to blendmaybe how to paint OSLor push yourself to learn NMM non metallic metal. Recently I decided to paint some extremely rusty Stormcasts to do something different and to work on a new technique.

I wanted to step outside my wheelhouse. I had so much fun doing something different that it lead to me creating a realistic rust tutorial. Many of us painters plateau at some point.

All great things. This is also when you dive into new waters and explore. We learn from failure, so we accept it, we embrace it, and we do not shy from it.We are here to help turn your creative ideas for wargaming miniatures into reality through unrivalled service, excellent communication and dedication to your project. We wish to be helpful and aid you in choosing the painting and basing levels that are visually and financially right for you.

All of our levels are of an extremely high quality. As a result, our turnaround time is slightly longer than most of our competitors as we pride ourselves on quality not speed and that is what you, our client, is paying for. We have a professional studio available with a wide range of paints, materials and equipment to complete your project. There is no project that we are unable to complete for you. The level of quality exceeded my expectations, and make a fine addition to the MiniWarGaming Space Marine chapter.

Thanks for the great work! As with a lot of pictures of models they did not do them justice and the models look better in person and arrived completed ahead of time. I look forward to using Siege Studios again in the future.

I highly recommend the Gold service — the colours were rich and the fine detailing incredible. Is a mega professional company with a clear passion for painting beautiful models. I gave them full creative freedom when painting the model as long as it matches the Badmoon Ork theme, and I must say they did a wonderful job!

If I had any questions regarding your commission they always gave a quick answer back. Great Job Siege Studios! Through the whole process from the initial inquiry to the delivery of the completed models, the experience was extremely satisfying. Quick and always kind communication with James, obvious attention to my specifications and an absolutely stunning paint job are very good reasons for another commission with Siege Studios. Thanks for the amazing work guys!

The communication process was easy and we bounced ideas back and forth before Jonas came up with a concept sketch.

He knocked out the Space wolf banner pretty quickly. I ended up taking several weeks before I was able to paint up a marine to hold it though. But the end result speaks for itself.

Next time I need a banner done again I know who to turn to. I highly recommend them to everyone. The work is amazing and perfect. Upon learning they had experience painting miniatures made by Spartan Miniatures I was instantly sold on this studio to paint my Halo Fleet Battles models.

Upon seeing pictures, videos and receiving my models I was not disappointed, they captured the essence of Halo for me in the 47 models they painted.So why did a non-painter decide it was a good idea to dabble in painting miniatures? Modern manufacturing methods are creating some fantastically detailed sculpts in a wide array of genres and materials.

You can even create custom ones. You can jump right into it. Another option is to purchase a board game like Zombicide. It comes with nearly 40 miniatures! All are unpainted with nice, simple sculpts, making it a perfect starter kit for a new painter. Part of my impetus for giving this a shot was that someone gave me some supplies from an old project, including tiny little detail brushes.

The point is you can start simple. Painting miniatures is relaxing and enjoyable and relatively cheap! I turned on my desk lamp, played some St. Lucia quietly in the background, and had a really peaceful time painting my gory, ferocious little monsters.

Determine early that you are new to this and not yet skilled enough to paint anything detailed or fancy. Keep to broad base coats and keep color mixing to a minimum. But practice and that stuff will come.

I made the mistake of looking online at miniatures painted by pros. A few paints and just a couple of brushes is just fine. And although YouTubers like Sorastro show advanced techniques, it is handy to watch a few as you practice.

Have fun and show yourself some grace.

What happens when you buy $5 miniature paint jobs on Fiverr (ASOIAF)

But the unpainted WizKids line is the least expensive place to start by far. All it took for them to be able to paint miniatures with me was a trip to Dollar Tree. For a buck I got a bag of the old school green plastic army men. I told them that those were their very own minis, then set them up with their normal set of washable paints and they went to town.

Custom Designed Miniatures: Eldritch Foundry. The 7 Best Cooperative Board Games. Likes Followers Subscribe Followers. Board Games. Click to embiggen. Stormtroopers with the shade added. Notice one has been lightened back up, but maintains highlights. That makes a great base coat. Army Painter sells a set of brushes that matches the marketing of WizKids miniatures line. You can get a huge can from Army Painter called Quickshade. Total overkill. Or you can get a shade starter kit. Army Painter has a nice starter set.

If you want everything at once, they have a set that includes brushes, shade, and a mini as well.Thank you for your interest in working with Wyrd Miniatures! Wyrd is a small team of passionate people, both full time and freelancers, working to create the best games, art, and miniatures we possibly can. If you think Wyrd might be the right fit for you, please look at our current openings below.

Please submit your application to jobs wyrd-games. Because of the volume of responses we receive, we will only follow up with any submissions if we have any further questions or wish to proceed. Thank you for your interest. Wyrd Miniatures, LLC. This position offers the opportunity to get involved in game design and development at an established game publisher.

Successful candidates must possess a love of gaming, the initiative to push yourself to contribute, and the motivation to take on any tasks required. Game design experience is a plus, but not required. Understanding of a variety of games and mechanics including: miniatures, RPG, card, and board games. The ability to identify what makes a game fun while also understanding what makes it work.

miniature painter jobs

A proven ability to write clearly and concisely. Work independently as well as in teams, meet deadlines, and communicate effectively with a variety of audiences.

A strong candidate will be very familiar with Malifaux with a passion for its history. To succeed here, you must be eager to take on a variety of roles, not all of which will be directly related to game design.

We are looking for someone who has the ability to take constructive criticism, share their passion of design and want to grow with the company. Because of the volume of responses we will receive, we will only follow up with any submissions if we have any further questions or wish to proceed. This is a temporary assignment with the potential to become full-time. A successful candidate must be available to work July — August. To succeed here, you must be eager to take on a variety of roles, above and beyond that which is described above.

We are looking for someone who loves our games and the miniatures hobby, and would like to get paid to be a part of it! Games Malifaux. The Other Side. Through the Breach.

Community Forums. Job Opportunities. FLGS Promotion. Upcoming Shows. Store Web Store. Special Orders. Retailer Info.The FLG Paint Studio--a part of the Frontline Gaming family of businesses--established inhas been built on consistent high quality work, excellent customer service and quick turn times. Consider us for your next paint commission.

That is where the Frontline Gaming Paint Studio comes in. Our professional staff will help bring your vision into reality. For 6 years we've been delivering quality commissions to our customers. Perhaps a book you read or a movie you watched inspired your next commission. Perhaps you need more provocative miniatures for your next RPG campaign. Or, this is a product entirely of your imagination.

We do not accept final billing until you tell us a project is done.

Job Openings

Once both parties are satisfied with a job well done, off it goes to you to enjoy. Our studio administrators will guide you through the quotation process, listening to what you want to accomplish and then putting a plan in place to execute on those desires. Adeptus Custodes. Adeptus Mechanicus. Astra Militarum. Adeptus Ministorum. Blood Angels. Chaos Daemons. Chaos Space Marines. Dark Angels. Death Guard. Grey Knights. Space Marines. Space Wolves.

Tournament Standard Commissions. Thousand Sons. Titans and Knights. Daughters of Khaine. Free Peoples. Idoneth Deepkin. Ossiarch Bonereapers. Stormcast Eternals. Shadespire Warbands. Infinity Commissions. Malifaux Commissions. RPG Miniatures. Warmachine Commissions. Super Heroes and Video Game Characters.

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